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LUV UR BODY - Large size with a free pouch - Transparent variation

LUV UR BODY - Large size with a free pouch - Transparent variation
  • LUV UR BODY - Large size with a free pouch - Transparent variation
  • LUV UR BODY - Large size with a free pouch - Transparent variation
8 990 Ft8990

The menstrual cups are equivalent solution for tampons, except that instead of absorbing the liquid, it collects our blood. (No TSS were reported ever by using cups!!)

LUV UR BODY Cup is made out of 100% high quality medical grade silicone, so they last us for at least 5 years!

Size and capacity:
Diameter: 48mm
Length without stem: 60mm
stem: 20mm
Full capacity: 46ml
Capacity until the airholes: 39ml


Inside of the LUV UR BODY Cup, there are measuring lines, so you can see how heavy your flow is in milliliter.

Everyone can trim the stem to her taste or completely remove it. Trimming depends on whether you have high, medium or low cervix.
If you have low/medium cervix, then it is more likely to feel the stem hanging out, so it is more comfortable trimming it or cutting it off completely.
If you have a high cervix, then you should leave the stem on completely to be able to remove your cup easily.

This design is mostly recomended for ladies who have high cervix. 

Who should use the large size?
Of course everyone is different, however LUV UR BODY cup's medium design is mostly recomended for ladies over 30 and for those who had childbirth vaginally. The large size is the most efficient size for someone having very heavy menstrual flow.

How long can I leave my LUV UR BODY Cup in?
This cup design has one of the best and biggest capacity on the market.

For most of the times you can leave it in for up to 12 hours before removing/emptying it!

How to clean your cup?
Once per every begining of the cycle you have to drop it in to boiling water for 3-6 minutes, and you are done!

How to use a LUV UR BODY Cup properly?
This cup comes with a detailed informational leaflet in many languages and with illustrated images of how it is advised to fold for insertion. 

Removing your cup is also very easy: With the help of the leaf-shaped stem or the floral shaped griprings at the bottom of your cup, grab the cup by pinching it a little to let some air in and remove the vacuum.
After this, the LUV UR BODY Cup is easy to remove.
Pour out the liquid and rinse out your cup, or wipe it carefully before placing it back.
Luv Ur Body - ISO 9001:2008

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    56 g/pc
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