Merula XL - Black

Merula XL - Black
Merula XL - Black
Merula XL - Black
Merula XL - Black
Merula XL - Black
Merula XL - Black

This is a one-size cup. 

Due to its creative design and adjustable ladder-stem, it fits everyone who has medum or high cervix. Especially suggested for women with heavy or very heavy flow!

For detailed measures please take a look at the pictures!


What distinguishes the Merula cup from most other menstrual cups?

- It has a very large capacity (up to 50ml). With a diameter of 46mm Merula adapts perfectly to your body and is an ideal companion for heavy to very heavy bleeding.

- From weak to strong pelvic muscles: Merula stays where it belongs. As it can be used collapsed and does not have to open completely, even strong pelvic muscles do not make it lose its shape – literally.

- Due to its spherical shape, Merula has a short height of only 39mm and an impressive capacity, which is bigger than the amount that two of the biggest tampons can absorb. Because of that, Merula can easily be used by women with a low cervix. The cup can also be used without any difficulty if you have a high cervix, as it has a long, ladder-shaped stem.

- Measuring the height of your cervix before using the cup for the first time is not necessary. Simply decide, which length of the stem would be perfect for you. If necessary, you can adapt it by cutting one or two levels off the stem.

Inside the package, you find a manual with detailed information on how to insert the cup, remove it safely, clean it and adapt it to your individual measures.

Merula is made of certified medical grade silicone and is free from softening agents


Made in Germany


1 Merula cup

1 cotton pouch

1 manual


Advantages of the Merula Cup

- Eco-friendlier

One cup can be used for up to ten years and produces far less trash.

- eco-friendly, economic, comfortable

There is no need to frequently buy expensive supplies. After a few months, the small investment in a Merula Cup does pay.


the milieu of the vagina stays intact,

no pieces of fluff (such as from disposable products) stay in the body,

- Extremely comfortable

Long wearing time (12 hours)

Big capacity

Does not absorb water during swimming or in the bath tub,

Invisible (it is inside of your body entirely.

The light suction inside the cup can cause a reduction of menstrual cramps, as well as a shortening of the menstruation.

Security Instructions

- Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after operating with the cup

- Always loosen the light suction before removing the cup

- Remove the cup before having sexual intercourse

- Clean the cup at least every 12 hours and boil it for a minimum of five minutes or more at least once after the end of the menstruation.

- If you have any doubts or experience pain while using the cup, remove it immediately and consult with a doctor.

Menstrual Toxic Shock Syndrome

TSS is a rare but dangerous disease, which can occur with men, women, and children. At the moment, there have not been many known cases to be connected with a menstrual cup, but still: extreme cases of TSS can lead to death.

The following symptoms, which can develop very quickly and appear to only be influenza in the beginning:

Sudden high fever (>39°C), nausea, diarrhea, sunburn-like rash, sore throat, vertigo, and/or fainting.

If you experience one or more of these symptoms during your menstruation, remove the cup and consult with a doctor immediately. Mention TSS and that you are menstruating. This way, it is possible to diagnose the disease early and treat it effectively. If you are already affected by TSS, consult with your doctor before using cups or tampons.

 Insertion & Removal

Punchdown Fold

Push the rim of the cup at one point in direction to the inner bottom and fold the whole cup. As you do so, the cup becomes smaller and it is easier to insert.

You can wet the cup or use a water-based lubricant. Insert the folded cup and make sure that the rim opens again when inside. The bottom of the cup can stay collapsed. If the cup leaks, try to correct its position. The cup does not have to be inserted as deep as a tampon.

For removal, press the cup slightly downwards and hold the stem. Move the cup downwards, with slow zigzag movements, until you can reach the bottom. Press the bottom in order to remove the light suction. Now, you can remove the cup completely and clean it.


First, try your Merula cup. After that, you can adapt the stem to your individual length.

High Cervix Medium Cervix Low Cervix

Remove the parts that are highlighted in red with nail scissors to adapt the stem to your required length. The cup should disappear completely inside your body, but still be easily reachable with at least one finger.

Merula Cup has a total capacity of 38ml.


Boil the cup before the first use and after every menstruation. Use water with a pinch of vinegar in a pot or in a microwave and boil the cup for at least 5 minutes.

The cup can be used up to 12 hours at once, but can also be removed and cleaned more frequently. After every removal, empty the cup into the toilet and clean it thoroughly with running water. In order to prevent staining, rinse the cup with cold water first.

In case that you have to remove and clean the cup in a public bathroom despite the big capacity it has, you can clean it with toilet paper and insert it directly again as an exceptional measure. Clean the cup with water as soon as you have the possibility to do so. There should not be more than 12 hours between two cleaning procedures with water.

Keep the cup always in a container that is permeable to air, such as the bag that is delivered with Merula. Well maintained, a single cup can be used up to 10 years.

If your cup presents material fatigue, throw it away and buy a new one. Slight staining due to frequent use is normal.

100% medizinisches Silikon, RoHS und ISO 10993-10 zertifiziert.

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