Who are we?

Our story begins with a Hungarian designer girl Mónika who made up her mind about creating and introducing a healthy and price friendly solution to women.

It’s about menstruation! There’s a way to avoid feeling uncomfortable or painful at the time of our cycle when we can switch to a convenient and comfortable method.
Just let’s take our grandmother’s way for instance, and spice it up with a hint of the newest, and coolest design! You can be young or older, we are working on your comfort and health, producing our beautiful products.

Let’s avoid the disposable pads or tampons filled with toxic additives, and make the switch to our stain-free 100% natural cotton, linen and bamboo clothpads and pantyliners!
And did we tell you that these pads last at least for five years?
Just use them, wash them and reuse them!


It’s easy! Basically you have only one thing to care about if you want to avoid staining, to rinse them first in cold water. Warm water sets the iron of the blood and may cause staining on the surface. Rinsing doesn’t have to be right after you change pads, it can be even after the whole cycle. You can soak them for a night in cold water with a bit of vinegar, but it’s not necessary. Just throw them into the wash after rinsing and wash them on 30 °C (86 °F). However if you have white or very light coloured pads and you still see stains after rinsing, you can pre-treat them with a 100% natural stain stick or other stain treatment of your choice. This way it that takes away the stains. Using washing soda and vinegar instead of fabric softeners is the best for you and for the pads too.
You can dry them in the drier or just hang-dry them at home. They normally dry within a few hours or in a day max.
See? It’s pretty easy isn’t it?




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