First Lady - Cloth pad kits for teens

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First Lady - Cloth pad kits for teens
First Lady - Cloth pad kits for teens
First Lady - Cloth pad kits for teens
First Lady - Cloth pad kits for teens

We get asked a lot about how many cloth pads does a woman need? 


So this is why we created these sets in different sizes, that are a great way to start building your stash, on a great price. These can function as a whole set, but if it is not enough, you can still add a few more pieces in the long run. 


With this set, you won't have to select your pads one by one, you will find everything you need for your period. 

It is a great gift too!


First Lady: 

Beginner set for teens, great way to start with your cloth pad stash with vibrant prints and lots of little surprises.


We recomend this set also for petite women with light to moderate periods.


This set is worth 26.469HUF (approx: 74€), but alltogether it costs only 19.900HUF (approx: 56.3€)


This set contains:

1pc Stainstick

1pc Office wet bag for cloth pads

2pcs wing extender to variate the width of your pads as you like

1pc drying straps for drying our pads in a small space (dorms, etc.)

1pc Emilla limited enamel pin

4pcs Írisz liner

2pcs Afrodité liner

2pcs Afrodité moderate flow pad

2pcs Niké heavy flow pads

3pcs interlabial pads


Prints can differ to what is seen on the picture.

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