Washable, sterilizable face mask - White Too Close / organic cotton guaze

Washable, sterilizable face mask - White Too Close / organic cotton guaze

**** Please read! ****


This product is a one size fits all face mask with rubberbands. You can sterilize it with Milton solution, or you can wash it by hand or in a washing machine. (Milton tablets and sterilizing fluid are available on our website: https://emilla.me/en/shop_search.php?search=Milton.)


Wash it on 30-40 degrees Celsius.

Material used: 100%  cotton 


Important information!


When is this facemask effective?

- When infected, you can lower your risk to infect others. By using the mask it can catch the small drops of the saliva making a physical barrier between your face and your environment. 

- You can obstruct the chance to get infected by touching your face, hence you will then touch your mask instead. This way you can lower your risk to spread the infection from your hands to your mucous though your nostrils and mouth. 


The gauze fabric is a loosely woven cotton fabric, makes it possible to comfortably breathe while using it. 


When your facemask gets wet after coughing or sneezing, remove it and change it to a new one / wash it. 


By using this mask it will not guarantee you to not get infected! 

Wash your hands as many times as you can. 

Try to avoid going out unless it's necessary. 

Inform yourself from reliable sources, such as www.who.int, etc. 


Please make sure you only choose this product when you took careful note of the description above!



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