MonthlyCup Cleaning tablets 2pcs

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MonthlyCup Cleaning tablets 2pcs
MonthlyCup Cleaning tablets 2pcs
MonthlyCup Cleaning tablets 2pcs
MonthlyCup Cleaning tablets 2pcs
- Effectively kills bacteria
- Removes discoloration
- Natural ingredients
- Biodegradable and eco-friendly
This tablet will effectively kill bacteria off your menstrual cup and at the same time remove discoloration. Making your cup look almost brand new again! MonthlyCup's cleaning tablets are biodegradable and eco-friendly.
Best of all, the tablets are made in Sweden.

Active content: sodium percarbonate and tablet chemicals (e.g. vegetable flour).

Kills bacteria

We tested the resistance on some of the most common vaginal bacterias by exposing them to MonthlyCup Cleaning tablets. The results are remarkable, the tablets killed all bacterias and spores.

Removes discolouration

The active ingredients in the tablets have an extra positive effect - they remove discolouration up to 100 %. Use twice per year for maintainance of your menstrual cup
How to use it?
Pour 2,5dl water in a glass, add one tablet, let it dissolve completely and stir.
Put the menstrual cup into the solution for about 12 hours.
Make sure the water covers the cup completely.
Rinse the cup thoroughly with water before use. 
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